How to create a marker during an inspection?

There are two options for creating a marker during a condition assessment or track control. Here you can find out which.

A) With the smart button (in the car)


  1. Open the vialytics smartphone app.
  2. If not done already: register the smart button on the iPhone.
  3. Select "New Inspection".
  4. Select "Track control" if you only want to set markers and track your route.                    Select "Condition assessment" if you want to automatically take a picture every 4 metres during your inspection drive.
  5. Start the inspection
  6. While driving, press the smart button to take a picture when you detect a relevant damage on or off the road.
    Now a marker is automatically placed exactly where you pressed the smart button.
  7. Immediately after setting the marker, press again and hold the smart button to add a voice recording, if desired. Depending on the setting, your voice recording is translated into text automatically.


B) By FootMarkierung_zu_Fuß

  1. Open the vialytics smartphone app.
  2. Select "New Inspection".
  3. Select "Track control".
  4. Start the inspection.
  5. Press the big + symbol to set a new marker.
    Now you can add a picture, a priority, a category, a description and a voice recording to the marker.