How do I update the geodata of my municipality in OpenStreetMap?

The geodata that vialytics uses may not always be up-to-date. Here you will learn how to update this geodata in OpenStreetMap.

As described in the article Where do we get our map data from? vialytics uses data from OpenStreetMap.
You can update this geodata yourself using the editor provided by OpenStreetMap.
Simply visit How to contribute - OpenStreetMap Wiki, create an account and follow the steps outlined on the page.
The OpenStreetMap editor has a detailed tutorial that explains how to use the editor.

Please note that the data in OpenStreetMap is entered directly into the system. When saving changes, you can also specify that the editing should be checked by a community member. In case of doubt or questions, please contact the OpenStreetMap community or your personal contact at vialytics.


More information about the editing of bike lanes can be found in this article.