How does the vialytics grading logic develop?

Through the constant exchange with municipalities, engineering offices and civil engineering experts, we are constantly developing our grading logic. Find out about our latest improvements here.

09.08.2022 - Weighting of sprayed patches

Grading before change:Before_EN

Grading after change:After_EN


Diagram: Tresholds of damaged area and grades of the different patch classes:


The tresholds of sprayed patches have been adjusted: Sprayed patches previously were weighted almost as heavily as surface patches, see orange curve.
Even if sprayed patches are only to be regarded as a superficial and temporary measure, if they are carried out correctly (1. blow out, 2. hose off, 3. sprinkle) they have a significantly better contact with the substrate compared to surface patches applied, create a better bond and are more weather resistant.
For this reason, the tresholds for sprayed patches have now been weakened, which means that sprayed patches are given less weight in the overall score of a point, see yellow curve.