How to upload the images?

After the inspection, the upload is due. Here you will learn how to upload your captured images for evaluation.

  1. Connect the iPhone to a power supply.
  2. Connect the iPhone to a WLAN network. 
  3. Open the vialytics Smartphone App.
    Now the vialytics Smartphone App should say "WLAN connection established" at the top, next to it the number of uploads in the queue.
    The upload will now start automatically, the number of uploads in the queue will decrease.

Caution: It is best to leave the iPhone untouched until the upload is complete. If you close the app, the upload will pause.

Tip: You can see exactly which of your trips have already been uploaded or how far the progress is under "My inspections".

Note: Depending on the available WLAN speed, the upload may take several hours or even days.