What details can be added to a planned measure?

After you have selected a section for the planning list, you can describe it with information. Here you can find out what information is available.

As soon as you have selected the desired section and transferred it to the planning, the following view opens:

In the centre of the background you see the previously selected section in coloured 4-metre sections on the map.

On the right side (1) you will find various drop-down menus and text fields to add information to the planning section. This section will be discussed in more detail later in this article. 

On the left side (2) you will find some details such as the address, road surface, length, width and area as well as the damage rating of the selected section. Here you can manually add the width of the road section to get an area estimate to the planned section.

The following parameters can be found under the heading "Move to planning" (1):


Name: Here you can enter names for the section that differ from the address displayed by default.


Category: Here you can further divide the planned sections into maintenance and investive measures.


Status: Here you can indicate whether the planned section is currently being planned or the measures have already been completed. 


Fixed measure: Here you can note if a measure was triggered by other developers (such as telecoms and energy suppliers).


Priority: Here you can choose from predefined priority levels (very low - very high) or assign an individual value between 1 and 100 to prioritise the measures, e.g. based on the existing manhole 





 Measures: Here you can define the planned   measure in the selected section. A pre-selection   of the most common measures is available for   this purpose, which you can supplement with   your own at any time.




Years of use: Here you can enter the planned years of use for the section after the measure has been carried out.

Costs: Here you can enter the costs for the planned measure on the selected section.

Area: Here you can again individually adjust the area of the planned section.

Comment: Here you can add individual comments.

The parameters Priority, Years of Use, Costs and Area will later be used within the planning list to display the most economically sensible sequence of measure implementation ("Economic efficiency").