Where do we get our map data from?

Learn where vialytics is getting the map data from that is displayed in our systems.

The map of our web system use data from OpenStreetMap, a free project that collects and structures freely usable geodata and stores it in a database for public use.
This data is also used by many common navigation systems, especially those for hikers and cyclists.
Up-to-date map material is therefore of high importance, not only for the usage of the vialytics system, but also for the experience of tourists and commuters in your community.
In order to be able to clearly assign travel data to a road or bike lane, the respective path must be available in OSM and linked with the appropriate attributes. 


How you can independently change the geodata of your municipality in OSM is explained in the article How do I update the geodata of my municipality in OpenStreetMap?.

You can find out which attributes must be assigned to a path in order for it to be designated as a bike lane in the article How do I mark my municipality's bike lanes in OpenStreetMap?.